10 Epic Cosplay Costumes Sites for Complete Beginners

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Looking for the best places to buy cosplay costumes? There are so many awesome online stores to choose from. But where do you buy from?

Sure, you can simply get any cheap old costume from Amazon. That’s a no-brainer. But a cheap costume looks… well, CHEAP!

Of course, if you’re buying a Halloween costume for your kid, then a cheap version is probably a good idea. They’ll outgrow their costumes every year.

But what if you’re trying to pull off an authentic cosplay? What if you’re a pro cosplayer who needs a few quick cosplay costumes to choose from?

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best online store to buy cosplay costumes. Some of these stores offer high-end costume options. And they’re probably not so well-known.

Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

What to Look for in Your Cosplay Costumes

Your cosplay costumes are going to be two of three:

  • Good
  • Quick
  • Cheap

And you can’t really get a high-quality costume for cheap with super-quick delivery. That simply doesn’t exist. So, before you check out our stores to buy cosplay costumes, get your priorities straight.

Before you hit the buy button, here are a few things to keep in mind.

#1. Decide Your Budget

There’s absolutely no denying the fact that cosplay can be super cheap. For example, the work of Anucha “Cha” Saengchart (creator of “Lowcost Cosplay”) is super cheap. Mostly, he just uses body paint and day-to-day items from around the house.

Funny Low Cost Cosplay

But that sort of work takes hours of work. If you don’t have that much time to spend on a single cosplay, then you should spend some money on cosplay costumes instead.

A general budget of $100-200 is a good starting place. Super high-end cosplay costumes can go up to $2,000.

Realistic Edward Scissorhands Cosplay

Really, there’s no limit to the amount you can spend on a single cosplay. But you can be reasonable and create a convincing cosplay as well. For example, this Team Rocket cosplay is pretty easy to pull off within a $100 budget each.

Team Rocket Cosplay Costumes

Typically, it makes sense to spend a lot of money on cosplay only if you’re a professional and you can make that money back quickly.

#2. Know Your Measurements

Before you buy cosplay costumes, you absolutely have to know your measurements. If you buy costumes that are too loose or too tight, then you won’t look good at all. But even more importantly, you can’t get a refund or a replacement if you buy cosplay costumes of the wrong size.

So, have a friend or a tailor take your measurements and remember them well. Different manufacturers have different sizes for their costumes. But you can get a clear idea of what size fits you if you know your measurements.

#3. Check Out the Reviews

The cosplay community is super vocal and they share feedback readily. As far as you can, check out the reviews before buying cosplay costumes.

Cosplay Costume Reviews

Pro Tip: Make sure to look at reviews with pictures or videos. Especially ones with a 3-star or 4-star review. 1-stars and 5-stars rarely tell you enough about the product.

#4. Take a Look at the Materials

Different types of cosplay require different costume materials. Also, if you’re looking to wear a costume for a party, that’s going to be different from a costume for going trick or treating on Halloween or long events like ComicCon.

The longer you need to wear your costume, the more comfortable and easy to carry it should be. Not to mention the fact that you need entirely different types of footwear for long events where you’ll likely have to walk a lot.

Best Places to Buy Cosplay Costumes

Now that you know how to choose your cosplay costumes, it’s time to check out the best online stores to buy them.

A word to the wise: There is no One Ring to Rule Them All when it comes to cosplay costumes. You’ll need to shop around a little bit to find the right fit for you. So, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find all your costumes from one store.

That’s why this list is NOT in any particular order or rank. You might find hidden gems in #7 that you would never find at #1 on our list. In fact, some of the lesser-known brands have better quality products and much higher discounts.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go shopping!

#1. Cosplay Shopper

Cosplay Shopper

Cosplay Shopper is a great shop for anime, video game, and TV & Movie cosplay costumes. You get a pretty wide range of choices. Not to mention, you also get Zentai suits and Lolita cosplay kits and accessories.

You can also buy cosplay wigs from them if you need just the wigs.

Recommended: Learn how to make cosplay wigs fluffy.

The quality of costumes you get at Cosplay Shopper is pretty high. They’re not custom made costumes, but for bulk manufacturing, this is as good as it gets.

Check out Cosplay Shopper’s store.

#2. Cosplay Clans

Cosplay Clans

Cosplay Clans is another great store to buy cosplay costumes. As with Cosplay Shopper, you get great cosplay kits for anime, game, and movie characters. You can also shop in their Halloween section and get really great discounts right before Halloween.

The cool part about Cosplay Clans is that you can also buy cosplay props such as shoes, masks, ears, gloves, hats, and more.

Before you buy anything, make sure to check out the coupons page on their website.

Check out the Cosplay Clans store.

#3. YCosplay


YCosplay offers tailor-made cosplay costumes for all kinds of popular fictional characters. You should really see their costume for Asuna from Sword Art Online: Alicization. Or their Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

Apart from full costume kits, you also get shoes and wigs to customize your look.

You can get a 20% off on their website using the code Y20. Or, you can use our links to get 25% off on all items listed on their website.

Check out the YCosplay store.

#4. RaveFix

Rave Fix

RaveFix has the best adult cosplay costumes collection there is. Whatever kinks you have, you’ll find a sexy costume in that store for sure.

You should check out their Underworld Evil Queen costume. That’s the one in the banner. But they have everything ranging from sexy maid costumes to sexy lingerie for bedroom fun.

The RaveFix tagline is “Who says that Halloween is for kids?”

And after seeing their collection, we believe them!

Check out the RaveFix store.

#5. Joyfy

Cosplay Costumes from Joyfy

Joyfy seems to be a Halloween party supplies store at first glance. But there’s a ton of cool cosplay and costume stuff as well. If you aren’t the wild type and you just want some wholesome fun on Halloween, then this is the right store for you.

You can get:

Pro Tip: Get 15% off with our promo code joyfy15.

Check out the Joyfy store.

#6. RoleCosplay

Cosplay Costumes from RoleCosplay

RoleCosplay probably has the biggest range of cosplay costumes that we’ve seen so far. Just their anime collection alone is insane. They have costumes for so many anime characters that you have to sort by alphabet to find the right franchise!

You also get costumes from film franchises that you simply won’t find in other stores. Just try to dress up like Will Turner from The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Also, you should see the level of detail on their Aquaman costume.

They also have some really cool cosplay props such as rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. It’s pretty cool if you want to do something like a Harley Quinn cosplay.

RoleCosplay also has some really great offers on shipping. You can get free shipping for some products and the general processing time for each order is usually within 24 hours.

Pro Tip: RoleCosplay also has a coupons page on their site. So, make sure you check it out before you buy anything.

Check out the RoleCosplay store.

#7. CosSky

Cosplay Sky Cosplay Costumes

CosSky is part of the mega costume chain CosplaySky that includes:

Honestly, the only reason why we’re recommending CosSky is that it has the nicest website.

You can choose from a wide variety of anime, movie, and gaming cosplay costumes. But the best part about CosSky is that they have their original designs! You also get a huge range of quality costumes for kids.

Check out the CosSky store.

#8. Amazon

Amazon Cosplay Costumes

Amazon is one of the most known vendors for ANYTHING in the world. But honestly, what you get in terms of range, you sacrifice in terms of quality. Their shipping and returns policy is really great, though. So, you can’t discount them altogether.

Also, if you’re looking for a cheap werewolf costume or a Velma costume, then Amazon is probably the easiest solution for you. We recently put together an article on how to do a Poison Ivy cosplay. That’s mostly using curated products from Amazon.

In fact, most of the DIY cosplay community gets cheap materials on Amazon and puts together their own cosplay.

So, if you’re super creative and you’re just looking to get started, Amazon is a great fit for you. But if you’re looking for something more custom, high-end, or professional, then we don’t really recommend it.

Check out Amazon’s cosplay costumes.

#9. L-email Wig

L-email Wig Cosplay Costumes

L-email Wig sounds deeply unimpressive at first. It’s probably just some wig supplier, right?

Yes, and no! They do sell halloween wigs.

But you’d be shocked by the sheer quality of the cosplay costumes you can get from this vendor. Their Nezuko cosplay costume is one of the best we’ve seen online for the price. They also have an awesome collection of Zenitsu costumes and Shinobu costumes as well.

A major advantage in shopping from L-email Wig is that they provide detailed cosplay instructions and video tutorials on their product pages. The product images are real images of Instagram cosplayers trying on their costumes.

How cool is that?

The best part is that because this is a less-known vendor, you get really sweet discounts on their products. Check out the banner above for a 12% discount code.

You can also use our exclusive discount code LH18 to get an 18% discount on halloween costumes or simply click this link to claim your discount.

Check out the L-email Wig store.

#10. Fanrek

Fanrek Cosplay Costumes

Fanrek is the best place to get Star Trek cosplay costumes. If you’re a Trekkie, then you can get some high-quality uniforms at a sweet discount. More than that, Fanrek specializes in high-quality cosplay masks and helmets.

And if you’re looking for some unofficial merch from your favorite franchise, they have epic bedsheets, hoodies, blankets, backpacks, and plushies.

Fanrek also does original designs on merchandise. You should check out their Harry Potter fan merch. It’s super cool!

Also, if you use our links, you get a 10% discount on all products.

Check out the Fanrek store.

Now That You Know Where to Buy Cosplay Costumes

Now that you know where to buy cosplay costumes, it’s time to start cosplaying. Check out these amazing guides to get started:

That’s all for this one, folks!

Get cosplaying with our amazing guides. And May the Force Be With You!


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