7 Best Cruella Costume Ideas to Win Any Cosplay Contest

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Cosplay, Halloween Costume, Party Costume

Are you looking for an eye-grabbing Cruella costume to flaunt your cosplaying skills?

When it comes to impactful cosplaying and limelight, nothing comes close to Harley Quinn or Cruella. Since we already have a detailed article on DIY Harley Quinn costumes, it’s time for Cruella.

In this article, we will share some of the most jaw-dropping Cruella costumes that will make you rock any Halloween or themed party. Also, if you’re a cosplayer then it’s a must-have costume.

Let’s go.

A Bit About Cruella de Vil

Cruella was always a very popular option in the cosplay community. But its stock witnessed a mammoth spike ever since the release of Disney’s crime comedy Cruella in 2021. This movie was based on Dean Smith’s 1956 novel Cruella de Vil.

The movie received cult following and Emma Stone as Cruella became the new darling for cosplayers around the globe.

Talking of Cruella, Cruella de Vil is an epic DC villain with an astonishing back story. Cruella always wanted to be a fashion designer and she always used to hone her fashion skills. That’s why there are so many epic Cruella costumes to talk about.

Let’s get started.

#1. Emma Stone Cruella Carnival Suit

Emma Stone Cruella Carnival Suit

We have already discussed, how Emma’s Cruella became one of the hottest cosplay trends and this carnival suit is a big reason why.

This suit feels like it’s already Rio and the carnival has just started. When you’re thinking of Cruella fashion, you imagine flamboyance, style, and attitude. This costume has it all. Plus, the price is super crazy.

When you order this costume, you get:

  • Ravishing red Carnival Dress made of premium-quality elastic satin,
  • Leathered gloves
  • Cruella mask

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#2. All-in-One Cruella Costume

All-in-One Cruella Devil Costume

Witch cosplaying is one of the most popular forms of cosplaying. Be it Halloween nights or a cosplay party, this is the best witch costume that one can buy.

Plus, this is available in all popular US sizes, this costume is 100% cotton-blend.

This costume is perfectly suited for Stage Performance, Masquerade Party, Roleplay, Comic Cons, and more. That’s because it’s elegant and perfectly carries the spiky attitude of Cruella de Vil.

When you order this costume, you get:

  • Colored short hair wig
  • White gloves,
  • Spaghetti Strap Long Dress
  • Faux Dalmatian Stole
  • Gloves
  • Hand Hoop

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#3. Cruella de Vil Dog Coat Costume

Cruella de Vil Dog Coat Costume

The best thing about Cruella is that she is a fashion geek and so you have numerous options when you are doing a Cruella roleplay. For instance, this Dog Coat is another top Cruella outfit that will help you highlight any party.

This outfit got such a name because it resembles a Dalmatian fur. Emma Stone nailed it when she sports this Dog Coat on the ramp. When ordering this Dog Coat make sure you get the stick and the famous Cruella wig. We have also covered all the DIY Cruella items below.

When you order this costume, you get:

  • Dog Coat made of premium elastic leather and faux suede
  • Top
  • Cruella Gloves

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#4. The Cruella Costume Biker Outfit

The Cruella Biker Outfit

This Cruella biker outfit is our personal favorite, and it has a separate swagger. Cruella wears this costume during the iconic red-carpet scene. She brought the roof down with her jaw-dropping motorbike entry.

If Cruella roleplay fascinates you then you should have a poster of this amazing Cruella avatar. Remember when Cruella opens her helmet!

Those bold eyes. The intense look. The swagger. Welcome to the Cruella world!

When you order this costume, you will get:

  • Biker Coat with Embroidered Sequin Fabric
  • Biker Pant
  • Gloves

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#5. Cruella Costume Charity Gala Frock

Cruella Cherity Gala Frock

A bit of formal this time. This Gala frock comes with a classic touch that makes it apt for any themed or Halloween parties.

This V-neck frock portrays the beauty of Cruella de Vil during the climax. It is a stunning black dress that can make you look as iniquitous as the glamorous Emma Stone.

Do remember to use some black mascara to turn your eyes smokey to gain the Cruella effect while wearing this costume. Back it up with the classic Cruella wig. The stage is yours.

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#6. The Cruella de Vil Wig

The Cruella Wig

This is what you have been waiting for! Let’s face it, no matter how exquisite you look with the above Cruella costumes, you will still be needing this wig for the Cruella roleplay.

There is no denying that the Cruella wig has a cult following in the cosplay community. It is unique, stylish, and adds so much to the character.

You will get this curly Cruella wig from Amazon along with the face mask. This is a premium quality and 100% heat resistant wig. So, you can use this for multiple cosplays.

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#7. Cruella de Vil Accessories

Cruella Accessories

By now, you have already figured out some super kits for Cruella cosplay. So, we have scanned the entire web to bring out some exclusive Cruella accessories that will make your cosplay a further epic.

We have got the following for you:

  • Cruella Party Stole
  • 1920 Gloves
  • Holder

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What to do After You Get a Cruella de Vil Costume

This brings us to the end of another edition of Cosplay Classics and we had a gala time doing it because we have set off for a mission to ensure to make the world look a lot cooler.

If cosplaying fascinates you and you are looking to become a pro cosplayer, then we have some epic stuff to share:

That’s not all. We also have some super cool recommendations for your next cosplay kit:

That’s all for today. Spread the love.



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