Best Dinosaur Costume to Buy in 2022 [Secret Stash]

by | Jun 6, 2021 | Halloween Costume

Looking for a great dinosaur costume?

Whether it’s for… 

  • Halloween; 
  • Or a fancy dress party;
  • Or a cosplay contest;
  • Or a live stream;

You can’t go wrong with a dinosaur costume. Especially if you’re new to the world of costumes. But which dinosaur costume do you get?

There are so many options out there.

Do you even know which one looks good on you?

In this article, we’re going to give you the very best dinosaur costume for adults, kids, and toddlers. These were handpicked as the very best dinosaur costumes out there.

So, let’s dive right in!

Best Dinosaur Costumes For Adults

Let’s start things off with the best dinosaur costumes for adults. 

We’ll be honest:

There were a LOT of options to pick from.

So, we picked the three best in terms of quality, uniqueness, and pure appeal.

Q: What size of adult do these costumes fit?

A: Standard Adult size 42-46 for adult dinosaur costumes.

Before you get started, you should also check out our article on epic cosplay costumes sites.

T-Rex Dinosaur Costume for Adults

T-Rex Dinosaur Costume for Adults

The T-Rex dinosaur costume is the go-to dinosaur costume for most people.


Simple: Everyone loves the T-Rex!

The T-Rex is one of the most popular dinosaurs thanks to pop culture. Part of Rex’s popularity is due to Jurassic Park. But most millennials and Gen-Z kids will probably remember the T-Rex meme.

Now, you can dress up as the iconic T-Rex in an inflatable costume with an authentic T-Rex ‘Raawr’!

Velociraptor Dinosaur Costume for Adults

Velociraptor Dinosaur Costume for Adults

The Velociraptor dinosaur costume is an edgier option. Not everyone thinks of going as a Velociraptor to a party.

It’s not an apex predator like the T-Rex, but the Velociraptor is still a force to be reckoned with. Cunning, sneaky, and virtually impossible to outrun – you should go as the Velociraptor if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Get the inflatable velociraptor costume for adults if you think you’re sneaky enough!

Triceratops Dinosaur Costume for Adults

Triceratops dinosaur costume

The Triceratops dinosaur costume is the find that we’re most proud of.

You’ll remember the Triceratops if you’ve ever seen the movie ‘The Land Before Time’. Believed to be the ancestor of the modern-day rhinoceros, the Triceratops was a vegetarian as well (and a complete tank).

Honestly, this may be the coolest dinosaur costume out there. And if you’re a vegetarian yourself, you may want to consider this one as more than just a fashion statement!

Get the Triceratops dinosaur costume and watch your friends go green with jealousy.

Adult Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume for Adults

This one’s an adult inflatable dinosaur costume. It’s also a bestseller on Amazon. But we’re not 100% sure what kind of dinosaur this is, to be honest.

It kinda resembles a brontosaurus. Or maybe it’s some sort of T-Rex? 

You decide…

The great part about this costume is that you can pretty much make up your own dinosaur.  And people will ask you what kind of dinosaur that is if you wear it to a party.

In other words: This is a great ice-breaker!

Also, it’s inflatable and you can wear it by just slipping your legs in. So, you can still make the moves in this costume without a dinosaur jaw getting in your way. 😉 

Get this adult inflatable dinosaur costume right now.

Best Dinosaur Costumes For Kids

Kids can be really picky. 

So, it’s difficult to find dinosaur costumes for kids. But we believe that this collection will wow your kids to the core.

Let’s dive in.

Red T-Rex Dinosaur Costume for Kids

Red Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

As we said, a T-Rex costume is pretty popular… even for kids. And this one’s red!

It’s inflatable and your kids can ride around the house in the costume with no real health risks. If you’re worried that your kid might not be able to handle a full body suit, this is a great option for you.

Trust us when we say it, this costume is going to be an instant hit.

Get the Red T-Rex Dinosaur Costume for your kid today.

Blue Inflatable Dinosaur Costume for Kids

Blue Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

CostumeDudes presents a blue inflatable dinosaur costume for kids.

This one’s pretty much like our last pick. Only, it’s blue and way more adorable!

Also, it’s easily inflated by a battery-driven fan. So, no pumps needed. Tell us you’re not a fan already. We dare you. 🙂

Get the Blue Inflatable Dinosaur costume for your kid today.

Arlo the Good Dinosaur Costume for Kids

Arlo the Good Dragon Costume

Arlo the Good Dinosaur costume is actually really popular for kids.

It’s an Apatosaurus from the Disney movie, “The Good Dinosaur”.

We know. We’d never heard of an Apatosaurus either. But the kids seem to love it. Also, it’s a Disney product and we all know that it’s not going out of fashion anytime soon.

Get the good dinosaur costume for your kid today.

Inflatable Jurassic World Dinosaur Costume for Kids

Inflatable T-Rex

Welcome to another inflatable dinosaur costume for your kid.

This one’s actually a little more edgy than the other ones. It’s red, black, and outlandish. So, it’s great for young cosplayers and halloween parties.

It’s completely inflatable and in huge demand as well.

So, go get this inflatable dinosaur costume for your kid before it goes out of stock.

Best Dinosaur Costumes For Baby

Let’s be honest for a second. A dinosaur costume for your baby is more for your pictures than for you baby. But we’ve compiled a list of costumes that are safe and comfortable for your kids.

WARNING: Epic cuteness ahead. Please try to stop yourself from going, “Awww!”

Baby Dragon Costume

Baby Dragon costume

What’s a list of dinosaur costumes for babies without a baby dragon costume?

This one’s a jumpsuit for your toddler complete with a zipper. It’s even got wings. What more could you ask for?

It’s a great gift for ANY holiday… 

Kids love dragons. They love being a dragon even more. To be honest, we’d still love to become dragons ourselves. What about you?

Go and get a baby dragon costume today.

Dinosaur Onesie for Toddlers

Dinosaur Onesie for Toddlers

We’d definitely want to buy this dinosaur onesie for our kids.

It’s a soft, mushy romper that’s incredibly comfortable. Also, look how pretty it is!

Just have to wait for a kid in the family first.


Go ahead and get your kid a dinosaur onesie now.

Paige the Dragon Costume For Baby Girls

Paige the Dragon costume

Paige the Dragon is not just any dinosaur costume. It transforms your baby girl into a pink and purple ultra-huggable plushie!

It’s also extremely comfortable for your child. The material’s great and your kid can slip it on with or without any additional clothing. So, it’s great for any season.

The cutest part is that you can put on shoes and still have cute dragon feet on top!

So, what are you waiting for? Turn your kid into Paige the Dragon.

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