How to Buy Cosplay Contacts Online + 7 Best Stores in 2023

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Cosplay Guides

Looking for a great place to buy cosplay contacts online?

Contact lenses are one of the trickiest parts to find for any cosplay. And if you’re trying to go pro or trying to go all out and impress someone, you need a good pair of contacts.

But are costume contacts even safe? Can you wear them for long hours without it hurting your eyes? Is it easy to find the right cosplay contacts online?

In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and more.

Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

#1. TTDeye

TTDeye Cosplay Contacts

TTDeye is one of the go-to cosplay contact stores for most beginners. You get a TON of options at very affordable prices.

Not to mention, the website is optimized for cosplayers who are playing popular characters. You get to select and shop by:

  • Color
  • Character
  • Mythical being
  • Themes

And if you’re thinking of building a career, you need to check out their featured collections as well.

Remember: TTDeye cosplay contacts are meant for one-time use only. Reusing these contacts is a very bad idea. It feels itchy and uncomfortable after the second use.

#2. Coloured Contacts

Coloured Contacts

Coloured Contacts has FDA-approved cosplay contacts and natural lenses. If you’re looking for some great choices on some starter kits for your cosplay costumes, this is a great store to buy from.

You can shop by color or by your prescription. Their anime contacts is slightly limited. But you do get a nice range of Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan, and even Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan contacts with different styles of tomoe.

And if you like halloween costumes, Coloured Contacts is the right place for you.

#3. Pinky Paradise

Buy Cosplay Contacts at PinkyParadise

Pinky Paradise has been in the cosplay contacts business for 10 years. Today, they have a huge collection of contact lenses to go with all kinds of costumes. Most of their lenses are yearly contacts.

So, you can stock up for a year’s worth of cosplay contacts in advance. If you’re going for anime cosplay, you should check out their Lunar Earth series.

#4. Honey Color

Buy Cosplay Contacts at Honey Color

Honey Color comes with loads of colored cosplay contacts. If there was one thing that we had to pick that was great about Honey Color, it’s how many uncommon shades you actually get.

Their anime cosplay collection is not the very best on this list. But if you get dry eyes from putting on contacts, you should check our their silicone hydrogel collection. Even the light colored contacts remain perfectly visible over dark colored eyes.

#5. Uniqso

Buy Cosplay Contacts at Uniqso

Uniqso sells both cosplay contacts and cosplay wigs. So, if you’re building a custom cosplay piece by piece, it’s pretty convenient to shop here.

They have a large collection of contacts and can even check out upcoming product releases on their website. Of all the sites on this list, Uniqso’s collection of anime cosplay contacts is probably the most interesting.

If you’re looking for comfortable lenses that you can wear for years, choose their silicone hydrogel lenses.

#6. Funky Lenses

Buy Cosplay Contacts at Funky Lenses

Funky Lenses is the perfect store for general cosplay lenses. If you’re looking for UV lenses, then this is the perfect place for you. You should also check out their character collection for epic high-quality cosplay contacts.

They are also the only online store that stocks a Byakugan in their anime contacts section along with some very off-beat color choices for a Sharingan.

And if you check out their Halloween section, you’ll see that Funky Lenses have some truly funky lenses!

#7. Crazy Lenses

Buy Cosplay Contacts at Crazy Lenses

Crazy Lenses is perfect for themed cosplay contacts. They probably have the largest stock of contacts out of all the stores on this list. In fact, Crazy Lenses claims that it has the highest range in America for contact lenses.

You get a good enough range of cosplay and natural lenses. And you can also buy makeup, fake cuts, and fake blood to make your cosplay look more authentic.

The coolest thing we noticed is that they also have an entire category for dragon cosplay lenses to go with a dinosaur costume.

What to do After You Find Cosplay Contacts that You Love?

That’s all for this one! If you liked this article, you should also check out our guide on how to make a wig fluffy.

And if you’re into cosplay, check out these costume reviews and cosplay guides:

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And May the Force Be With You!

How to safely get cosplay contacts?

You can get cosplay contacts that are safe online. Make sure to only buy from FDA approved vendors. All the websites on our list are FDA approved. However, there are limits to each contact lens. We recommend only using your colored contacts only once. Multiple uses can make them uncomfortable and itchy.

What is the best site to order contacts from?

There is no one best website to order cosplay contacts. We recommend buying from our list of tried and tested sites. Here’s CostumeDudes’ official list of approved cosplay contact vendors:

  • TTDEye
  • Coloured Contacts
  • Pinky Paradise
  • Honey Color
  • Uniqso
  • Funky Lenses
  • Crazy Lenses

How many hours can you wear cosplay contacts?

Never wear colored cosplay contacts for more than 4 hours at a time. This is to make sure that your eyes can breathe. Leaving the lens on for too long can cause severe irritation in your eye. Remember that cosplay contacts aren’t medically prescribed lenses. So, treat them as prop and not as regular eyewear.

And when you’re done wearing them, clean the contacts and your hands with proper cleaning solutions. Don’t try to clean the lens with water or saliva.


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