How to do a Kyojuro Rengoku Cosplay That’s Totally Umai!

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Looking for a quick guide to doing a Kyojuro Rengoku cosplay?

Renguko was the most pure-hearted and lovable Hashiras in the Demon Slayer series. His kind heart and enduring spirit made him an instant fan favorite.

So, of course, Rengoku cosplay is exploding around the world.

This article will check out the best Rengoku costume kits and even help you build your own kit.

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And if you’re a seasoned cosplayer looking for some inspiration, just keep reading!

How to Cosplay as Renguko With a Cosplay Kit

Let’s start things off with the best Rengoku cosplay kits for men and women. The cool part about the costumes we’ve curated is that you can easily go for a genderbender Rengoku costume.

Just to be clear, we recommend getting a kit over creating your own cosplay look. It can be a little difficult to assemble some parts of the Rengoku cosplay costume.

So, let’s get started!

Best Rengoku Cosplay Kit

Rengoku Cosplay Kit for Men

The Rengoku cosplay kit for men is the most complete kit you’ll find online. All you need to do to pull off the authentic look is to buy:

The overall quality of this costume is superb. The missing elements are a bit disappointing, but this way you get to customize your cosplay even with a costume kit.

Check price online.

Best Female Rengoku Cosplay Kit

Female Rengoku Cosplay

Take a look at this female Rengoku cosplay kit. If you’re looking to cosplay as Rengoku as a hot girl, this is your top pick. The material is super comfortable and unlike the men’s cosplay kit, it comes with the wig as well.

Instead of the Haori, you get a frilly kimono. And it’s the perfect blend of sexy and sassy.

Check price online.

Female Rengoku Bikini Bathing Suit

Rengoku Bikini Cosplay

Check out this quirky female Rengoku bikini bathing suit. You get a top, a sarong, and shorts as part of the outfit.

It’s perfect for photoshoots and some time at the beach. This bathing suit is also perfect for cosplay pool parties. It’s made of spandex and polyester. So, it’s super comfortable as well.

Rengoku is such a badass character that this bathing suit is just too funny. It’s such a troll that you’re bound to get some really awesome traction on Instagram and Pinterest.

Check price online.

DIY Rengoku Cosplay (The Right Way)

Now that we’re done with the Rengoku cosplay kits, let’s dive into each part of the cosplay. We’re going to show you how to create your own Rengoku cosplay.

Let’s dive in.

Rengoku Cosplay Wig

Unisex Rengoku Cosplay Wig

You need a Rengoku cosplay wig before anything else. The cool bit about a Rengoku wig is that you can use the same wig for both male and female Rengoku cosplay.

That’s exactly why we picked a unisex wig for your costume.

It’s super soft and completely heat-resistant. Seeing how Rengoku’s the Flame Hashira, the heat resistant bit is really epic. You can create some truly epic video shoots for your reels and videos.

Here’s an example:

The coolest bit is that no one’s using real fire for their cosplay. Most of it is just good Photoshop.

Check price online.

Renguko Cosplay Haori Cloak

Rengoku Haori Cloak

Next, you should get the Haori-style Rengoku cloak. Every Hashira in Demon Slayer has their own cloak. That’s how you know that they’re special.

The one we picked for you is made of polyester. So, if you’re thinking of using real fire in your photoshoots, be super careful because polyester catches fire easily.

On the upside, the cloak is super comfortable and easy to clean.

Pro Tip: Remember to always hand wash the cloak.

Check price online.

Rengoku Cosplay Nichirin Blade Katana

Rengoku Cosplay Katana

Rengoku’s Nichirin blade looks lit! Yes, that was a fire pun for the Flame Hashira. Deal with it.

We picked a super affordable wooden option for you. It’s made of bamboo. So, it’s pretty long lasting. It’s also light weight and easy to carry around.

But please don’t go around trying to chop things with this blade. The katana is just a prop. It’s not even built like a training sword.

So, if you try to use this sword, it will snap.

You can find metal options for the katana from local cosplay vendors and blacksmiths. But if you’re looking for a good prop to tie together your Rengoku cosplay, this should be good enough.

Check price online.

Rengoku Demon Slayer Corps Uniform

Demon Slayer Uniform

Rengoku wears the standard Demon Slayer Corps uniform underneath his Haori. It’s the same with all Demon Slayers. We recommend simply getting a costume for this part.

It’s going to save you a ton of money over a custom build and the difference isn’t really noticeable.

Please remember that you don’t get the shoes or the foot wrappings with the Demon Slayer Corps uniform. So, you’ll still need to add custom elements to pull off your own look.

Check price online.

Rengoku Cosplay Belt

Rengoku Cosplay Belt

The white Rengoku cosplay belt is going to be part of the Demon Slayer Corps uniform. But just in case you’re putting together a custom build, don’t forget about the white belt.

We found you a 100% leather belt with an adjustable sheath for your katana. You won’t get this with most of the uniform costume sets. At best, you’ll get a flimsy belt made of PU leather.

So, even if you bought the Demon Slayer uniform, you should get this white belt.

Check price online.

Rengoku Cosplay Clog Shoes

Rengoku Clog Shoes

Of course, Rengoku cosplay clog shoes are a thing. Every Demon Slayer in Kimetsu no Yaiba has their own clog shoes.

Rengoku’s clog shoes come with a red strap. And you need black socks to pull off the look. Luckily, the one we picked comes with both the clog shoes and the matching socks.

You get a stretchy, clear plastic strap that goes around your ankle so that you can adjust the tightness.

Pro Tip: If you’re thinking of cosplaying for ComicCon, don’t put on the clog shoes. They’re not meant for walking in for hours. You’ll get sore feet and blisters for sure.

Check price now.

What to do After You Get Your Rengoku Costume?

That’s all for this one, folks!

As I said, the custom cosplay is missing the flame themed leg wrap for a Rengoku cosplay. If I find something later, I’ll add it into the article.

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And May the Force Be With You!


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