How to do a Mia Wallace Halloween Costume (The Sexy Way)

by | Aug 7, 2022 | Halloween Costume, Party Costume

Are you looking for a kickass cosplay this Halloween? Then, a Mia Wallace halloween costume becomes an automatic choice. Sultry, seductive, and mysterious, the Mia Wallace character has it all.

A big reason why this is one of our most recommended halloween costumes is that it is very simple apart from being incredibly popular.

But how do you build your own Mia Wallace costume? That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this article.

So, let’s get started.

Who Exactly is Mia Wallace?

Mia Wallace is a world famous fictional character from the blockbuster Quentin Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction.

Although the film came out in 1994, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is widely known as one of the greatest films ever. Played by Uma Thurman, Mia is still considered as one of the most iconic female characters of all time.

Today, she still remains the most popular fashion icon.

All set! Let’s break down the Mia Wallace cosplay costume for you:

  • Bob Style Wig
  • Casual T-Shirt
  • Black Criss Cross Backless Top
  • Black Casual Trouser
  • Long Fake Cigarettes
  • Red Matte Lipstick
  • Ballet Flat Shoes

3,2,1… The Mia Wallace time begins!

#1. Mia Wallace Short Black Bob Wig

Mia Wallace Short Black Bob Wig

The black bob hair became a permanent trend all thanks to Uma Thurman’s Mrs. Mia Wallace.

This stylish and elegant black bob wig is made of high-quality and rare Japanese synthetic fiber. This super soft black wig looks completely natural.

Plus, it can also be cut to any length you want.

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When you’re cosplaying it’s extremely important for you to keep your black-haired wig fluffy.

#2. Mia Wallace Formal Dress Shirt

Mia Wallace Halloween Costume

The Mia Wallace halloween costume begins with a white formal shirt with a pointed collar!

You need a full-sleeve shirt for this. Our team has researched a bit and found the best quality cotton white blouse. This is a soft and breathable shirt that keeps you comfortable throughout the day. The comfortable fabric is suitable for all skin size.

This white shirt is a symbol of simplicity that’s all set to go wild.

It’s available in all popular US sizes.

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#3. Black Criss Cross Backless Top

Mia Wallace Black Top

The black bralette is the most awesome part of the Mia Wallace cosplay. It is a true combo of elegance and swagger.

It’s black, comfortable, and completely sexy. This black sleeveless and backless top comes with a cutout, keyhole front, and halter neck.

What more you need for an iconic character roleplay?

Finally, welcome to the PARTY CITY!

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#4. Mia Wallace Slim Fit Black Pants

Mia Wallace Slim Fit Trouser

The killer combo of off-white shirt for woman and black slim pants makes this Mia Wallace cosplay a sweetheart in the Reddit and Twitter cosplay community.

This is super premium quality indeed, Made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex it’s uber comfortable throughout the day. In fact, at the time of writing this black slim yoga pant has a staggering 4.5* ratings out of 1675 reviews.

This is a costume designer’s dream.

This capri pant is available in all popular US sizes.

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#5. Fake Cigarettes for Mia Wallace Cosplay

Fake Cigarettes

We love everything green apart from cigarette filters. Don’t smoking but be smoking hot. But this costume needs you to be a smoker. So, let’s get you a pack of fake cigarette.

The Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace became a youth fashion icon – a confident young lady showing the world how it is done. Cigarettes are an important part of this roleplay and we have got environment-friendly fake cigarettes for you.

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#6. Red Matte Professional Make Up Lipstick

Red Matte Lipstick

This smooth plush matte lipstick is an integral part of the Mia Wallace cosplay. This is one of the most popular red lipstick choices in Amazon with a staggering 19k+ reviews at the time of writing.

The playful shades makes it an absolute necessity for every time you go out.

Get ready to leave your mark.

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#7. Mia Wallace Ballet Flat Shoes

Mia Wallace Ballet Flat Shoes

We told you that we will make you the sport the perfect Mia Wallace look from top to bottom and we really mean that.

This ballet flat shoes completes your Mia Wallace look.

You are now ready to step into the world of Mia and let the world know it.

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#8. The Complete Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace Cosplay Kit

Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace Cosplay Kit

Here you go – The complete Mia Wallace cosplay kit.

This is a best-selling cosplay kit, and it works directly into the halloween cosplay hall of fame.

It comes straight out of the movie poster and makes you rule the dance floor.

Get started today.

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That’s a Wrap

We hope you really liked this article.

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