How to Do a Perfect Nezuko Cosplay (the Right Way)

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Looking for the perfect Nezuko cosplay kit?

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) has taken the anime world by storm and Nezuko has become an instant fan favorite. So, let’s hook you up with the best Demon Slayer Nezuko cosplay costumes we can find.

You can buy each part of the Nezuko costume separately or buy a full costume kit outright.

Sounds good? Dive right in!

Before You Look for Your Nezuko Cosplay Costume

Nezuko cosplay is the most popular female Demon Slayer cosplay option followed closely by a Shinobu cosplay.

So, before we begin, there are a couple of quick things that we want to cover in this Nezuko cosplay tutorial before we look at cosplay kits. For one thing, just getting the costume isn’t good enough. If you really want to do a good job with your Kamado Nezuko cosplay costume, you need to know two things first:

  1. How to Put On Nezuko Cosplay Kimonos
  2. How to Do Nezuko Makeup that Looks Pretty

We’ve covered both in this section. So, keep reading.

How to Put On Nezuko Cosplay Kimonos

Putting on a Kimono can be pretty complicated. And the Nezuko cosplay isn’t complete without a really intricate kimono. The beauty of this look is how many small parts go into the kimono.

Check out this awesome Nezuko cosplay tutorial video by L-email:

And you can get the full Nezuko costume kit from L-email as well.

How to Do Nezuko Makeup that Looks Pretty

It’s really easy to mess up cosplay Nezuko Kamado makeup completely unless you’re a makeup artist yourself. And I know that I’m not. So, I found this really helpful video on how to do the Kimtesu no Yaiba Kamado Nezuko makeup.

The final look is really good and the eye makeup is completely on point.

Here’s a list of the cosmetics you’ll need to do the Nezuko makeup as shown in the video:

Of course, these kits won’t be 100% fit for all skin tones. So, based on your skin tone, you should experiment with the color palettes.

How to Put On Nezuko Cosplay (Custom Kit Ideas)

We’re going to start things off by creating our own Nezuko cosplay set.

Keep in mind: We don’t recommend doing this because many intricate parts of the costume are difficult to find individually. For instance, we couldn’t find a waistband or a pair of leggings with leg straps.

It may not seem like a huge difference unless you’re a pro cosplayer. But it does make a difference. The whole point behind Nezuko Kamado’s costume design is that it’s super elegant.

So, we’d recommend getting a full set Nezuko cosplay kit instead. But if you’re intent on creating your own look as Nezuko chan, let’s get you started with the most prominent parts of the cosplay.

Best Nezuko Cosplay Wig

Nezuko Wig

Let’s kick things off with a Nezuko wig.

There are cheaper versions out there for sure. But we went with the Amazon Choice product. More than the fact that it’s an Amazon favorite, we really loved the quality of the product.

At the time of writing this review, this wig has a 4.5-star rating from 287 customer reviews! If that isn’t incentive enough, just take another look at the wig. It’s almost identical to the original Nezuko character design.

Check price on Amazon.

Demon Slayer Nezuko Black Kimono Jacket

Nezuko Black Kimono

You may not have noticed it, but Nezuko wears a black Kimono-style jacket underneath her pink kimono. This is what’s popularly known in Japan as a Haori.

The beauty of this particular Kimono is that it’s built like a traditional Haori. So, it’s super soft and sweat absorbent. It’s also full-length like the original Nezuko character design. The kimono is made of soft polyester and it’s easy to clean by handwashing it.

NOTE: A traditional Haori like this one will have different bust sizes and you should double-check the size charts before ordering one. But in case you do order this product, you’re going to get a 4.5-star cloak that you can even wear in your bedroom when you’re done with your Nezuko cosplay.

Check price on Amazon.

Nezuko Cosplay Pink Kimono

Nezuko Pink Kimono

The black Haori is only worn underneath Nezuko’s popular pink kimono.

So, we picked one that’s not full-length for our pick. It’s simply meant to stand out because you can’t really get the waistband if you put together your own Nezuko cosplay.

This kimono is perfect for roleplay, cosplay, theme parties, carnivals, stage performances, and casual wear. Also, the kimono itself is unisex. So, if you’re looking to do a gender bender Nezuko cosplay, this kimono is the perfect choice for you.

Check price on Amazon now.

Nezuko Cosplay Bamboo Mouthpiece

Nezuko Cosplay Mouthpiece

You can’t put on a Nezuko cosplay without the trademark Nezuko bamboo mouthpiece.

We didn’t go with an authentic bamboo mouthpiece for our choice because putting real bamboo into your mouth can be quite hazardous. Over time, bamboo can start to splinter and can cause choking hazards.

Instead, we went with this beautiful plastic mouthpiece that’s painted to look like bamboo. And we gave it a white bite piece so that you can hold on to the mouthpiece with your mouth without having to taste the plastic or the paint.

The ribbon on the mouthpiece is also super easy to adjust and it’s very comfortable to use.

Check price on Amazon now.

Best Nezuko Cosplay Full Set Kits

#1. Nezuko Cosplay Kit for Women

Nezuko Cosplay Kit for Kids

This Nezuko cosplay kit for women is graceful and sexy at the same time. It’s ideal for shorter women because Nezuko as a character in Kimetsu no Yaiba is mostly either a young girl in her late teens or a kid.

Nezuko Cosplay Full Set

The beautiful kimono and elegant footwear make it a really great cosplay kit for any body type. The kit includes:

  • 1 Black Kimono-style Jacket
  • 1 Pink Kimono
  • 1 Waistband
  • 1 Waist Strap
  • 1 Pair of Leggings
  • 1 Legging Strap
  • 1 Bamboo Pipe Mouthpiece

Check Price Now.

#2. Nezuko Kamado Cosplay Kit for Teen Girls

Nezuko Cosplay Kit for Teen Girls

Next up is our pick of a Nezuko cosplay kit for teen girls. This kit is made of a cotton-polyester blend that’s super comfortable and suitable for different climates. So, you don’t necessarily have to be a fan from Japan to be Nezuko.

The fittings are perfect for a teen girl. And that’s just perfect because the anime series mostly shows Nezuko as a teenager, especially during fight scenes. The kit comes with:

  • A Kimono
  • The overcoat for the kimono
  • A Waist Seal
  • A comfortable black belt
  • The patented Nezuko leggings
  • A bamboo tube mouthpiece
  • A cosplay wig for teens

The beauty of this Nezuko cosplay kit is that it perfectly captures the innocence and purity of Nezuko, with the slight touches of demonic flair on the side! Very cool.

Check price on Amazon.

#3. Baby Nezuko Cosplay Full Set

Nezuko Cosplay Kit for Women

The last cosplay kit in this article is the Nezuko cosplay kit for kids. The lovely Demon Slayer Cosplay Nezuko Outfit is the perfect gift for your female friends. Or, if you’re a young lady who’s super into Demon Slayer, you can wear this to loads of different parties. You could even head to Comic-Con in this getup.

All the parts of the costume in this Kamado Nezuko Cosplay Kimono Set are made of top-quality polyester fabrics. It’s soft, silky, and perfectly textured. The set is a near-perfect replica of the style that Nezuko uses in the anime.

The kit comes with:

  • A Kimono
  • The overcoat for the kimono
  • A Waist Seal
  • A comfortable black belt
  • The patented Nezuko leggings
  • A bamboo tube mouthpiece
  • A cosplay wig for teens

Time to go and slay some demons with your Oni-Chan?

Check price on Amazon.

Bonus: Nezuko Plushie

Nezuko plushie

Check out this super cute Nezuko plushie!

If you’re a professional cosplayer or a cosplay content creator, you should definitely get a plushie to remind you of the time you dressed up as Nezuko chan!

Or, you could even gift this to someone you love.

Check price on Amazon today!

Nezuko Cosplay: Final Thoughts

That’s all for this one, but you should definitely check out our other articles. We curate a bunch of costumes so that you don’t have to go looking for the perfect fit.

If you’re not 100% sure about getting a Nezuko costume, you could also check out our other costume ideas:

Drop a comment and tell us which Nezuko cosplay idea you liked the most.

Peace out.

And May the Force Be With You!



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