Epic Poison Ivy Costume Ideas to Try Out in 2022

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Cartoon Costume, Halloween Costume, Party Costume

Are you looking for a stunning cosplay idea? Well, very few can be as appealing as a Poison Ivy costume from DC.

Poison Ivy is one of Batman’s biggest enemies. That’s because she is beautiful, smart, and gets whatever she wants.

She is a genius scientist and the world’s most famous eco-terrorist. Her agenda is to save the environment from the evils of humans. Isn’t that too cool?

So, are you ready to go green with mutant plants and blending pheromones?

Presenting, the most in-demand cosplay of 2022 – Poison Ivy Cosplay!

Let’s get started!

#1. Poison Ivy Red Wig

Poison Ivy Red Wig

It’s not just all green when it comes to Poison Ivy. The red wig is a trademark of this character.

The wave red wig is totally dope. This wig perfectly complements the smart and elegant aura of Poison Ivy. The best thing is that this is a multipurpose wig. That means you can use it for themed parties or for other cosplays.

The wig cap is adjustable and so it easily fits your head size. Plus, it is made of high-quality synthetic fiber that makes it quite suitable for long term use.

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Pro Tip: Use this wig for multiple cosplay costumes. Just make sure it looks fluffy. Here’s how.

#2. Poison Ivy Face Jewel

Poison Ivy Face Jewel

The Poison Ivy cosplaying is surely an art.

To nail the Poison Ivy look, you need to apply some face jewels.

This is a set of the most apt and cutest face jewels we found online. It is glowy, shiny and also very stylish.

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Pro Tip – Along with face jewel, you can top your looks with the perfect lenses. Here’s how.

#3. Poison Ivy Costume Crop Top

Poison Ivy Environmental Crop Top

This is exactly what makes Poison Ivy one of the most remarkably popular cosplay options in 2022.

Ivy is an environmentalist, and her heart is green. This flavored green top with a touch of environment will help you grab all the eyeballs.

To make you feel more excited, we have scanned the internet to find you an officially licensed DC product. This green crop top is super comfortable as it is made of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex.

It is available in all popular US sizes.

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#4. Poison Ivy Costume Tutu Skirt

Poison Ivy Short Tutu Skirt

The Tutu skirt is another reason why Poison Ivy is dominating the cosplay world.

The green leafy flavor makes you look so adorable and unique. Plus, it perfectly complements Ivy’s mission of creating the perfect environment-friendly world.

It is made of premium fibers and is super comfortable. It’s cool, sexy, and a must-have cosplay item.

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#5. Poison Ivy Costume Stockings

Poison Ivy Stockings

Just when you thought you have already seen it all, we present you the craziest stockings of all time.

This patterned stocking will raise the temperature but will keep you super comfortable. Just like you expected, it’s obviously GREEN.

Made of 5% Spandex and 95% Nylon, it is the best you get.

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#6. The Complete Poison Ivy DC Costume

The Complete Poison Ivy DC Costume

The complete Poison Ivy Costume.

It consists of:

  • Hair Wig
  • Hand Gloves
  • Green Top
  • Short Tutu Skirt
  • Leafy Stockings

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That’s a Wrap

We had a gala time writing this one and we hope you liked it.

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