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Looking for the best spider Gwen costume?

Spider Gwen is one of the most popular figures in the world. Spider woman is loved by the masses due to its personality and feminist themes.

We really love the fact that you’re looking for Gwen costumes. What we can assure you is that we have scanned over 1000s of costumes to create a list of the most astonishing and affordable costumes for classy people like you.

It’s time to make your Halloween costume extra special or help you to unlock your Spider senses.

Let’s get started.

Why Should You Get a Spider Gwen Costume?

Ever since Sony’s “Into the Spiderverse” came out, everyone’s been buzzing about the different versions of spiderman and spider girl. And lots of people have been looking for the best spider Gwen costume.

So far, Gwen Stacey hasn’t become a mainstream costume. That makes it a great option for professional cosplayers and party people alike.

Most people believe that there aren’t many spider woman costumes you can try out and that there isn’t enough variety. This is only partially true. You can get more than enough variety if you know the lore well enough.

There are multiple versions of Gwen Stacy just as there are multiple versions of Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, and Miles Morales.

Let’s check out some costumes now!

Best Spider Gwen Cosplay Costumes

We’re starting off with full cosplay costume kits. Putting together your own cosplay from scratch can be a little difficult. But it can be done. If you want a more DIY approach, just scroll past the cosplay costumes.

#1. Gwen Stacy Cosplay Jumpsuit

Gwen Stacy Cosplay Costume

Let’s start with a Gwen Stacy cosplay costume. This one’s the most high-quality costume you’ll find. It’s a pretty snuggly jumpsuit and since it’s made of polyester. Even the pale green ballerina shoes come as part of the jumpsuit.

You can choose your own size on the site. And once you place your order, you will get a link to track your shipping. The jumpsuit is available on CosSky. Their site isn’t the most pretty to look at, but the quality of their costumes is top-notch.

The face mask is included too.

Check price online.

#2. Gwen Stacy Spider-Girl Costume

Gwen Stacy Spider Girl Costume

Who said all superwomen wore capes? This Spider-Gwen costume is extremely elastic and breathable. It’s the classic Ghost Spider costume you see on the Gwen Stacy of Earth-65.

Perfect for cosplay, it is made of polyester and cotton. You’ll look extremely cool with that mask and hoodie. The mask is removable but we suggest you keep it on.

Fly high and let the world witness your heroics with this ultra-light costume Spider Gwen cosplay costume. It has distinctive swag and will make you the winner of any go-as-you-like contest.

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#3. Gwenom Cosplay Kit

Spider Gwen Venom Cosplay Kit

White is always classy. You can see for yourself that this Gwenom costume is certainly not any exception. This costume has got everything that you need that makes you a showstopper at every Halloween party.

The coolest part about this costume is that this version isn’t mainstream at all. “Gwenom” came into the picture after bonding with a Venom symbiote.To be more accurate, it’s a Carnage bonded Ghost Spider. This happens after Aleksei Sytsevich, a.k.a. Rhino, pummels her father Captain George Stacy into a coma on Matt Murdock’s orders.

It’s a darker version of Gwen Stacy from the Marvel multiverse. Here, Gwen’s father plays the role of Uncle Ben in the Marvel comics’ Spiderman.

So, if you’re looking for a rare and edgy version of a Gwen costume, this one’s a great option.

This costume is very comfortable and stylish. It comes with a classic hoodie that gives an extra attraction. The mask is removable and the entire costume is very flexible and full length.

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#4. Spider Kids Gwen Stacy Girl Costume

Spider Kids Gwenn Stacy Girl Costume

Be it a birthday party or Halloween night, this cosplay for kids will make your little diva stand apart from the rest. It’s classy and awesome! Also, it’s super affordable.

Plus, the kids version of the Gwen Stacy cosplay costume is super affordable. And hey, if your girl has a boyfriend, he could rock a Spiderman costume for couple’s cosplay. How adorable is that?

The cool part about this superhero costume is that it looks homemade and is perfect for a single use.

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How to do a Custom Spider Gwen Cosplay

Depending on the comic book lore and a LOT of fan art, there are versions of Gwen Stacey where she doesn’t put on the full spider costume. So, we’re going to give you our idea for a Spider Gwen cosplay that could be totally your own.

It’s something like this:

Spider Gwen Cosplay Fanart

Well, it’s not exactly canon, but it’s cosplay, right? We decide our own interpretation of our favorite superheroes.

#1. Spider Gwen Sweatshirt

Gwen Stacy Sweatshirt

You can use the Ghost Spider sweatshirt as a replacement for the unitard. It’s not the most ideal solution, but you can find a ton of fan art on early versions of Ghost Spider where she put on a sweatshirt with a hoodie.

To complete this look, you’ll need more. But we’ll get to that soon.

We found the most high-quality sweatshirt there is. The spider mark on the chest is super well-designed. And the arms also have the Spiderman threads.

We know that Gwens father would approve!

Check price online.

#2. Spider Gwen Face Mask

Gwen Stacy Cosplay Mask

The Spider Gwen mask is the one part of the costume that you can’t do without. You need a lycra mask to pull off a Ghost Spider cosplay costumes.

The mask is almost like a cosplay contact lens, but… it’s so much more. It’s the most unique identifier of Ghost Spider. Unlike the Amazing Spider Man red and white, Gwen wears white and pink with a pink eyewear mask.

And we actually found you one that’s high-quality and affordable.

Check price on Amazon.

#3. Gwen Stacy Shoes

Gwen Stacy Cosplay Shoes

Check out these Gwen Stacy shoes. It’s actually funny that no one notices the ballerina shoes that Gwen wears. Well, technically, they’re not ballet shoes. But they look pretty close to being ballet shoes.

We looked far and wide for the perfect match. Straight out of the Spiderverse and a great store called CosplayShopper. It’s one of the best cosplay costume stores online.

And we think you can really pull off this cosplay pretty easily with these shoes. There’s one more piece to the puzzle, but first…

Check prices on CosplayShopper.

#4. Loose Faded Jeans

Gwen Stacy Jeans

Loose faded jeans aren’t exactly what you have in mind when you think of Ghost Spider. But if you’re on a budget and trying to pull off a Spider Gwen cosplay, trust us when we say it, it’s going to look real nice.

Now, these are some expensive threads. But they are super comfy. And if you’re going to Stacy cosplays costumes contest or conventions where you’d have to wear these jeans for long, you’ll want comfy!

Especially if you’re doing a couple cosplay with Green Goblin or Captain Stacy.

Check price online.

Which Spider Gwen Costume Should You Pick?

Depending on your age and your lore knowledge of Marvels Spider man, you can choose any of the epic options on this list. Or even build your own costume.

Gwen Stacey is loved as a character by fans across the world. So, are you going to wait for a radioactive spider to bite you before you pick a costume?

If you’re looking forward to an amazing Halloween costume or cosplay for your social media reels or anything else then check out some of our other recent posts:

Did you like the Spider Gwen cosplay costumes on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Peace out! And May the Force be With You.


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