[2022]: 9 Trendiest Cosplay Kits Right Now!

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Looking for the trendiest cosplay kits? Owe it to social media sites or cultural shifts, the cosplay scene is flourishing with every passing day.

Today, cosplay is a hot industry. It’s both a professional career and also a hobby that generates entertainment, fun, and unique challenges for people who are fun-loving and creative.

If you’re a cosplayer, you get all the freedom in the world to express yourself in the tunes of your favorite character. Isn’t that exciting?

What’s more exciting is the fact that you can earn a LOT of money from COSPLAYING.

Isn’t it lovely to earn big bucks by doing something that you love?

In this article, we’ll help you find the best cosplay costumes that makes you a cosplay superstar.

Let’s get you started.

#1. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Cosplay

If your plan is to go super epic on your first cosplay outing then this is the real deal. The lady who tamed the beast, Harley Quinn is one of the most iconic DC female characters of all time.

For starters, Harley Quinn is Joker’s girlfriend. She is an epitome of beauty, intelligence, and psychosis. So much that she has her own comic.

What Do You Need to Pull the Harley Quinn Look?

  • Blonde Wig
  • Daddy’s Lil Monster T-Shirt
  • Rotten Razor Top
  • Metallic Cosplay Shorts
  • Knee-High Socks
  • Baseball Bat

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#2. Mia Wallace

Mia Wallace Cosplay

Mia Wallace from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is a legendary cosplay option. The best part is that it’s one of the most easiest DIY costumes.

She is a mysterious character who is obviously very hot, seductive, and confident. Thus, she became an overnight role model for young people around the globe.

The craze for Mia Wallace costumes is still on the rise.

So, what you need for DIY Mia Wallace cosplay?

  • Black Bob Wig
  • White Formal Shirt
  • Criss-Cross Backless Top
  • Slim Fit Black Trouser
  • Fake Cigarettes
  • Red Matte Lipstick
  • Ballet Flat Shoes

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#3. Velma Dinkley

Black Velma Cosplay

In a world full of Shaggy and Scooby, there is a special place for Velma especially in the cosplay world. The straight bob hair, the typical glasses, and the mysterious personality makes Velma a sexy and an easy option for your first cosplay act.

Velma is the hottest trend in the cosplay world for ages. That’s because the bash Velma dress is very easy to replicate and looks extremely cool 24×7.

If you’re looking to trend with easy Velma costume then these are what you need:

  • Short Hair Wig
  • Nerd Glasses
  • Wrap Shirt
  • Short Skirt
  • Knee-High Socks
  • Ankle Strap Shoes

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#4. Daphne Blake


We have officially entered the Scooby-Doo zone and we are loving it!

Pure nostalgia or your first crush, you can simply not ignore this blonde beauty from the days of your childhood. No wonder why she was always captured by the ghosts!

The Daphne purple camp has a separate 70’s rock era. Daphne’s feisty, savvy, and sexy character has all the ingredients for a trending cosplay reel.

What completes the Daphne cosplay?

  • Blonde Wig
  • Purple Headband
  • Square Scarf
  • Purple Crop Top
  • Purple Short Skirt
  • Purple Shoes

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#5. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Cosplay

For those you are not aware, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is currently the world’s most popular anime. Be it the incredible storyline, action sequence or characters like Nezuko, Demon Slayer is a must-watch.

There is no denying that half-demon Nezuko is one of the most charming and loved characters of this entire anime.

Who is Nezuko?

Nezuko is the main female protagonist of this manga. She was an ordinary girl born into a happy family of 6 siblings. She was a pretty little girl whose life turned into agony when her family was murdered and she was turned into a demon.

As a demon she has a strong thirst for human blood but she also has a strong bond with her brother Tanjiro who is in a quest of eliminating all demons from the planet.

The sheer mystery and the flashy costume makes Nezuko a go-to cosplay character.

What you need for Demon Slayer DIY Nezuko cosplay?

  • Colorful Cosplay Wig
  • Black Kimono Jacket
  • Pink Kimono
  • Bamboo Mouthpiece
  • Waistband
  • Legging with leg straps

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#6. Shinobu Kocho


We have now entered the Demon Slayer zone and we can’t stop.

Next up, Shinobu Kocho.

Shinobu, the cutest member of the Demon Slayer Corps is also one of the most loved characters of this manga series.

Shinobu is a petite young woman with extraordinary power. She has a friendly and ever-smiling vibe but behind that happy-go-lucky appearance is a brutal and hot-headed personality that craves to punish all the demons.

Are you ready to ace the Shinobu look? Then, these are all the things that you need:

  • Colorful Wig
  • Butterfly Hairclip
  • Butterfly Kimono
  • Black Demon Slayer Corps Uniform
  • Wooden Zori Sandals
  • Samurai Sword

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#7. Kyojuro Rengoku

How to do a Rengoku Cosplay

Demon Slayer characters are currently rocking the global cosplay community. And that’s why we are single-handedly exploring the best Demon Slayer characters for cosplaying.

Up next is one of the most iconic Demon Slayer character – Kyojuro Rengoku.

The word ‘Goku’ is an emotion for all the Anime fans around the world. And Rengoku does immense to preserve this emotion.

The character was first introduced in the 3rd season of this manga and ever since that his fan following has witnessed enormous and increase.

This character will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly fall in love.

The iconic avatar and superhero status makes this cosplay option an instant hit.

What do you need for Demon Slayer Rengoku cosplay?

  • Blonde Cosplay Wig
  • Haori Fire Cloak
  • Black Demon Slayer Corps Uniform
  • Flashy White Belt
  • Clog Shoes
  • Nichirin Blade Katana

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#8. Steampunk Fashion

Best steampunk costumes

Steampunk is the favorite Halloween or party attire for most of the cosplayers.

Unlike the rest, Steampunk is not a particular character. It’s more of a vibe that makes you appear super cool.

Steampunk is a fantasy-driven vintage fashion which came into light during the Victorian era. And ever since that it’s a highlight reel.

So, if it’s your fist cosplay act and you don’t want to experiment a lot but appear super cool at the same time then this is exactly what you need.

And the best parts are:

a) It’s completely DIY

b) It’s unisex

c) It’s always a trend

What are the essentials of Steampunk fashion?

  • Tuxedo Gothic Tailcoat
  • Steel Boned Retro Corset
  • Retro Leggings
  • Victorian Showgirl Skirt
  • Gold Spiked Goggles
  • Woolen Hat

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#9. The Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Cosplay

Be it Reddit or Instagram, the Doki Doki Lierature club is always appearing on your feed. That’s because it provides super stylish cosplay options that can never go wrong. And so it’s ideal.

DokiDoki is a video game that successfully acquired a cult following among youngsters.

Be it the cheerful and super charged Monika, or the happy and confident Sayori, the Doki Doki characters are must for all cosplay artists.

The reserved and ultra sophisticated Yuri and the simple Natsuki deserves a special mention.

The best thing about the Doki Doki Literature Club is the fact that you can absolutely relate to all the characters. That’s exactly what makes it a continuous cosplay trend.

Breaking Down the Doki Doki Cosplay:

  • Cosplay Wig
  • Hair Bow
  • White Shirt
  • Necktie
  • School Jacket
  • Short Skirt
  • Knee-High Socks
  • School Shoes

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What’s Next After You Find the Right Cosplay Kit?

Hope you found this article to be interesting and helpful.

Costume Dudes takes great pride in making the world look super cool.

If you love cosplaying then we have got a lot in store for you. You simply cannot afford to miss out on our most-viewed cosplay guides curated by renowned fashion experts:

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