[DIY] Velma Cosplay Stash That’s Way Too Epic to Ignore

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Cartoon Costume


Who would have thought that Velma cosplay can be such a treat to testosterone level? In an era of Shakira and Georgina Rodriguez, Velma cosplay costumes can still provide maximum spotlight.

Halloween, birthday bash, or a date night, Velma cosplay costume never disappoints you.  And, the best part is that Costume Dudes has got you covered. 

So, let’s get started. 

Velma Short and Straight Bob Wigs

Velma Cosplay Wig

This Velma straight bob wig is specially designed to bring out the Velma essence in you. 

In short, you cannot go wrong with this. Also, straight? This straight wig has incredible appeal among all sexes. 

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Velma Cosplay Bob Wigs and Black Glasses Combo

Velma cosplay wig and glasses

Straight brown hair and black glasses. Are you thinking Harry Potter?

Let’s make it easy, straight hair, black glasses, and sexy aura, that’s Velma for you. And, you can start fulfilling your Velma desire right from here. This classic combo of Velma wig and glasses is made for party animals just like you. 

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Velma Cosplay Long Sleeve Shirt

Velma Cosplay Full Shirt

Orange is the new sexy!

The typical Velma cosplay look is incomplete without this stretchy fitted long sleeve shirt. It is made of cotton and is very comfortable. It can be a perfect fit for your workout sessions.

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Velma Deep V Neck Tie Up Crop Top

Velma Cosplay Deep Neck Shirt

You’re killing it and you know it.

The Deep V Tight Crop Top is all you need to permanently own the light up. Spice up Tinder or a Christmas party with this, What are you waiting for?

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Sexy Velma Cosplay Ruffle Lingerie Mini Skirt 

Velma Mini Skirt

Legs don’t lie! 

This Sexy Roleplay Mini Skirt makes sure that you stay that way. 

The Velma roleplay mini skirt ensures that you get top to bottom attention. It can be your perfect any-party mini skirt. 

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Velma Over Knee Socks

Velma Cosplay Knee high socks

Legs don’t lie (2) 

The Velma Mini Skirt coupled with this Knee High Socks accounts for the perfect roleplay combo. And, we make sure you don’t miss out on these at any cost. 

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Velma Chunky Classic Round Toe Ankle Strap Shoes with Buckle Closure

Velma Cosplay Shoes

Where every step is sexy! You’re just a step away from sporting the complete Velma look. 

Don’t rush, these Velma shoes will keep you balanced. 

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The Complete Velma Costume

Total Velma Cosplay Costume

Last and the best!

As promised, Costume Dudes help you decode the entire Velma cosplay with this ultimate Velma costume

The shortcut to being a Velma is revealed. 

What are you waiting for? 

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Wrapping Up In Style 

All set, you are ready to rule with the ultimate Velma roleplay costume. 

In case, if you still cannot get over Velma, Check out our other costume recommendations:

That’s all for this one.

Peace out. And May the Force Be With You!


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