How to do a Zenitsu Cosplay That’s Authentic and Sexy

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Looking for a quick tutorial on how to do a Zenitsu cosplay? Zenitsu is one of the best characters in Demon Slayer. And that’s saying something because EVERY character in Kimetsu no Yaiba is special.

There’s something about the lovable brave coward who’s a sleepwalking nightmare for demons that makes him irresistible in the anime. He also has a major crush on the main character’s (Tanjiro Kamado) sister.

The beauty of doing a Zenitsu cosplay costume is that it’s super simple. It’s not complicated. The overall look comes as a package that includes:

  • The Demon Corps Jacket and Pants
  • Zenitsu’s Orange Haori
  • Matching Orange Socks
  • A White Belt with a White Buckle
  • Orange Leg Wraps

You get all this as part of a pre-made suit. Then, you need a wig and the katana to match. And that’s it!

In this article, we’re going to check out some amazing options to pull off an authentic Zenitsu cosplay. There are some truly exclusive offers here.

Let’s dive in.

Zenitsu Costume Kit

The first part of a Zenitsu cosplay is to get the overall look right. Fortunately, you can get the costume kit for real cheap if you buy a cosplay costume. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the best-looking Agatsuma Zenitsu costume kits on the market.

Make sure to check for special offers before you checkout. And remember to double check the shipping dates and processing time to get an idea of when you can get the delivery.

#1. Zenitsu Costume by Nuoqi

Zenitsu Costume Nuoqui

Our first pick is the Zenitsu costume by Nuoqi. You get the complete package inlcuding the standard Demon Slayer uniform:

  • The Demon Corps Dress and Pants
  • Zenitsu’s Orange Haori
  • Matching Orange Socks
  • A White Belt with a White Buckle
  • Orange Leg Wraps

It’s a great option because Nuoqi is a well-known cosplay costume brand. And they’ve sold this Zenitsu costume 1.9K+ times with a 4.5-star customer reviews on Amazon.

Not to mention, you get fast shipping on Amazon!

Check price online.

#2. Zenitsu Costume by Miccostumes

Zenitsu Cosplay Miccostumes

Miccostumes is another very popular cosplay costume brand, and their Zenitsu costume is also super cool. The wig, katana, and clog shoes aren’t part of this kit either. But the samurai-style Demon Corps jacket and trousers are super comfy.

You can easily drop your shoulder to do the Kaminari no kokyū Ichi no kata: Hekireki Issen stance. It’s super Instagrammable!

And it looks way more like Agatsuma Zenitsu’s character design because of the baggy trousers. The attention to detail is fantastic. On the flip side, the material is much less durable than the Nuoqi costume kit.

Check price online.

Zenitsu Agatsuma Cosplay Wigs

The most critical part of an Agatsuma Zenitsu cosplay is actually the wig. No, really. There’s a reason why the costume kits don’t come with a wig as well.

If you’re trying to do a gender-bender halloween costume, you need a female Zenitsu wig. That’s really all you need as an extra accessory for a Zenitsu genderbend cosplay.

To be clear: By female version, we don’t mean the cross-dressing version of Zenitsu from the Entertainment District Arc. If you’re not caught up with the anime, Zenitsu cross-dresses as a female prostitute to infiltrate a pleasure house.

But that’s not what we mean. We mean a female cosplay or a gender-fluid version of the character.

Let’s check out the best ones in the market for both cosplays.

#1. Zenitsu Cosplay Wig

Zenitsu Cosplay Wig

The Zenitsu cosplay wig is the most iconic part of the costume. The yellow-orange hair that Zenitsu ends up with after being zapped by lightning is so cool.

We picked this one out of all the available options because of two reasons:

  • The shades of yellow and orange actually look good on this wig
  • You get an adjustable wig with a wig cap

This Zenitsu wigs will look super professional on you. So, whether you’re a pro cosplayer or a streamer, or simply a fan of Demon slayer, you should get this wig.

Check price online.

#2. Female Zenitsu Cosplay Wig

Female Zenitsu Cosplay Wig

The female Zenitsu cosplay wig is what makes this costume so universal. No matter who you are, you can be Zenitsu. And even if you’re male or gender fluid, you can do a Zenitsu female cosplay.

For a fem Zenitsu cosplay, you should check out our guide to making your wig fluffy.

Again, you get a wig cap and a high-quality heat-resistant nylon wig. So, it’s going to be comfortable, durable, and adjustable.

What are you even waiting for?

Check price now.

Demon Slayer Zenitsu Cosplay Sword

Zenitsu Cosplay Katana Nichirin

Zenitsu has a very iconic Nichirin blade. And we have found the perfect Zenitsu cosplay sword for you. We’re not sword experts. But our friends at Mini Katana definitely are.

Mini Katana creates a handcrafted Zenitsu cosplay sword that doesn’t just look good. Their Nichirin replica looks like the real deal.

The best part? All their blades are super affordable. If you’re serious about doing a Zenitsu cosplay, we can’t recommend this enough.

Check price online.

Kimetsu No Yaiba Clog Shoes for Zenitsu Cosplay

Zenitsu Cosplay Clog Shoes

To finish off your Zenitsu cosplay, you’ll need Kimetsu No Yaiba Clog Shoes. The simple yellow clog shoes with a white strap are perfect as Zenitsu cosplay shoes.

Almost all Kimetsu No Yaiba cosplay needs clog shoes. You could use them for a Nezuko cosplay as well. But Nezuko’s clogs have a different color.

Pro Tip: Do a Zenitsu and Nezuko cosplay as a couple. It’s super cute!

The package comes with clog shoes, simple white socks, and a transparent strap to prevent your socks or shoes from sliding off. So, even if you’re not used to wearing these, you can pull comfortably off a perfect Zenitsu cosplay in style.

Check price online.

What to do After You Do Your Zenitsu Cosplay

Once you’re done with your Zenitsu cosplay, you’re no longer just one of the fans. You might want to consider taking up cosplaying or content creation if you haven’t already. You should also check out our beginner’s guide to cosplaying.

If you’re considering cosplaying as a profession or as part of your profession, you should also check out these amazing resources:

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Peace out. And may the Force be with you!


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